About Shinju Forest


Shinju Forest started out as a spinoff site, the idea being that this place would be where I'd do some short relaxed-mode game posts and my old place (Kimimi's Blog) would be the place for all the factual information stuff, however both sites have since been merged together, with all the dry fact-based posts tucked away in the "games database" section for (hopefully) easy searching.

The purpose of the database entries is a bit different from the rest of the site - these pieces exist just to impart factual information, they aren't reviews or opinion pieces. Some of them are also very old, awful, and really need a rewrite. In any case these entries continue to exist because as bad as I now feel they are they're still (probably) better than the alternative, which is generally no English information at all. I imagine there's a mistake or two lurking around in them waiting to bite me on the backside, but I've not had any serious complaints yet.

The more recent posts are just me waffling on about things I like, don't like, or find interesting - I'm not trying to create the magical unicorn that is the unbiased game review or replace the likes of HG101, so please take everything you read here in the spirit in which it was intended.

The ultimate point of this blog is simply to share something I'm passionate about and perhaps show a side of gaming that a lot of people aren't really aware of. Whether all the stuff on here is incredibly exotic or so familiar your game wore out long ago I hope you enjoy looking around :)

It might sound a little corny but if you do like what I'm doing here please tell your gaming friends - nothing has had a greater impact on me and my blog than word of mouth, I've met so many wonderful gamers that way and I'd always love to meet/work with more.

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